Fast rapid construction is the cornerstone of the EnduraPanel System, reducing onsite labor time by up to 80%.

Wall Panels are precision cut and completed with studwork, insulation, door, window openings, foundation hardware and easy access lifting brackets for standard chain and hook lifting

EnduraPanel comes pre-primed with a special water proof primer that allows for the home to be built “from the “inside out”. Once the ceiling is installed, internal trades can start while the roof goes on! And there’s less downtime for bad weather days.
Windows and doors can be installed as soon as the walls go up, getting the house to lock-up stage incredibly fast and saving weeks on the build time.

EnduraPanel reduces mudding and sanding by approximately 85%. Paint can be applied directly to the panels, delivering a level 5 finish.


EnduraPanel is a 3rd Generation Product that has been tried tested with over 25years of residential and commercial applications, completing over 9000 projects  Designed to meet the toughest of challenges EnduraPanel properties deliver SAFER, WARMER, STONGER homes


Designed to meet and exceed code with basic wind loading starting at 110mph through to Hurricane loading of
200mph. Tornado wind loads differ from those experienced in Hurricanes and whilst we can meet 250mph wind
conditions with specific design, we strongly suggest incorporating an EnduraSpec Safe Room into your design for
added safety. EnduraSpec safe rooms meet and exceed FEMA P-320 guidelines.


Our 200mph wind rating exceeds Earthquake requirements for California. 


Solid Panel-closed cell insulation and drainage systems allow homes to be submerged in water for short
periods without suffering structural damage or need for extensive remodeling. 


 EnduraPanel has a Class C fire rating suitable for residential use.
In commercial applications that require a Class A rating, we include a fire retardant paint additive to our factory
primer coat which has been tested accordance with ASTM E-84 test criteria “Standard Method Of Test For Surface
Burning Characteristics Of Building Materials” and which Meets standards of UL 723, NFPA 255 and UBC 42-1, Class A
Depending on code and design requirements, we have EnduraPanel solutions for 1hr and 2hr fire rated assemblies

EnduraPanel delivers up to 300% greater insulating values over ½” drywall. Combined with airtight construction the
finished product reduces HVAC energy costs.
EnduraPanel built homes are extremely airtight and assist in reducing the costs associated with operating mechanical
ventilation systems

EnduraPanel is incredibly strong, offering shear wall and diaphragm bracing values, carries both live and dead loads
and with a 46lbs per cubic foot density they are almost impossible to dent. No more expensive repairs associated with holes in drywall.

LEED Credits 4-6 points available

  • Materials & Resources, Recycled content, Credits 4.1 & 4.2
    Materials & Resources, Regional Materials, Credits 5.1 & 5.2
  • Materials & Resources, Certified Wood, Credit 7
  • Indoor Environmental Quality, Low-Emitting Materials: Composite Wood, Credit 4.4
  • CARB 2 Compliant for California Formaldehyde Regulations
    EnduraPanel Panel emits less than 0.09ppm (parts per million) formaldehyde off gassing. in addition our factory applied paint application encapsulates the panel further reducing emissions by 60-80% (0.036ppm – 0.018ppm


Manufactured from 100% recycled wood fiber.

The vapors, mercury and CO2 emissions, released throughout the gypsum production procedure have always been a key contributor to green home gases about 20 billion pounds per year coming from Drywall factories.

EnduraPanel reverses the Green-House gas emissions caused by drywall reducing C02 emissions by approximately
12.8lbs per sf of construction