Exterior walls do not require sheathing – delete materials and labor cost/hours from works. EnduraPanel Panel has perm rating of less than 1.0 – For healthy wall cavity air moisture vents to the exterior.

Access panels provided – Shower tubs and vent stacks are installed during the Panel stand up process, delivering a faster build time.

All receptacle boxes come preinstalled – no drilling of holes to run wire, cavity and or conduit supplied in factory for ease of pulling wire. Recessed lighting if any have penetration holes cut in factory. Electrical works can commence the day after panel standup.

Ceiling vent holes cut in factory – works can commence immediately following truss installation (before roof sheathing is installed for easy access).    

EnduraPanel delivers up to 300% greater insulating values over 1/2” drywall.Exterior and Interior Walls (if required) are insulated in our factory with standard batt and or closed cell foam insulation. Ceiling insulation can be installed immediately on site following HVAC and electrical installation requirements in the attack and or mid-floor areas.

EnduraPanel 1.5” panel R-value: 1.97

EnduraPanel 1.0” panel R-value: 1.31

Compared to ½” Drywall R-value: 0.45

Approx 85% reduction of gib plastering required – Plastering can commence simultaneously with the installation of roofing felt over roof decking. No texture coat required to hide surface imperfections – EnduraPanel delivers a level 5 finish as standard to walls and ceilings.

Panels come pre-primed – spot prime to plastered areas on site, followed by single or two coat paint finish depending on desired finish.

Exterior doors and windows as well as Interior doors can be scheduled for installation the day after EnduraPanel Panel installation.

Interior trim installation can be scheduled for the following day after panel installation.

Walls are plumb and square – little or zero need for scribers commonly associated with stick frame and drywall

EnduraPanel Panel has delivers 100% solid fixing to walls and ceiling:

  • Face screw pull force: 325lbs
  • Core screw pull force: 250lbs

With zero waste and 80% reduction of plaster dust, clean-up costs and time is significantly reduced

Long Term Asset Management

Impact Resistant

  • Impossible to dent or knock holes in the panel surface with the human body - unlike drywall.

Water Resistant

  • EnduraPanel Panel can be subjected to flood and leaks with minimal repairs (if at all) needed, compared to drywall.

Air Tightness

  • EnduraPanel built homes are extremely airtight and assist in reducing the costs associated with operating mechanical ventilation systems


  • More than a 90% reduction in potential nail/screw pops or sheet join cracks over drywall

Fire Ratings

EnduraPanel Panel is has a Class C fire rating suitable for residential use.

In commercial applications that require a Class A rating, we include a fire retardant paint additive to our factory primer coat which has been tested accordance with ASTM E-84 test criteria “Standard Method Of Test For Surface Burning Characteristics Of Building Materials” and which Meets standards of UL 723, NFPA 255 and UBC 42-1, Class A

Depending on code and design requirements, we have EnduraPanel solutions for 1hr and 2hr fire rated assemblies