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Time Savings


Eliminate The following from your build process

  • Drywall
  • 85% of Drywall mud work
  • 1st layer of interior paint system
  • Insulation to walls
  • Waste materials
  • Solid blocking for wall and ceiling fixtures
  • Clean up of waste materials

Reduced Skilled Labor


Installation of StormWall Panel System requires only minimal skilled labor

Typically a 2400sf home requires:

  • 1 Crane Operator
  • 3 Crew: 1 Skilled laborer and 2 hammer hands
  • 1 day installation

Direct Cost


When making a direct cost comparison between StormWall and traditional stick frame-drywall construction...We come out on top!

  • Approx $2 per sf cost savings to the builder on        the total build*
  • Approx 14% reduction on the direct expense       related costs associated with StormWall       Components and their assembly*

*Based on National Averages.  Exact quotation provided on request

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